This website is designed to meet the needs of middle school math teachers participating in the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative. Here you will find lesson plans, presentations, suggested materials, links, and other resources to help you implement the Connected Math units you recieved during Summer Institute. You will also find ideas for implementing hands-on inquiry- based learning for other topics that you teach. The links below will take you to different sections of this website.

My Mission as a Math Specialist is to... healthy, loving relationships with my co-workers, my teachers, and their students in which we push ourselves to become our best selves.
...find and share effective ways to teach math using 21st Century Skills so that all students enjoy learning and reach their potential.
...learn from yesterday, give my best today, and improve tomorrow.
Jeanne Simpson
AMSTI Math Specialist

What Can a Math Specialist Do for You?

  • Deliver materials needed in your kit
  • Teach a graphing calculator lesson
  • Teach a lesson from your AMSTI unit
  • Teach a hands-on lesson on any topic in your Course of Study
  • Find or create lesson plans on a particular topic
  • Listen and encourage
  • Be an extra set of hands and eyes when you teach
  • Help with grant writing
  • Anything else that makes your job easier!

"Good teaching is an act of hospitality toward the young, and hospitality is always an act that benefits the host even more than the guest."
Parker J. Palmer
The Courage to Teach

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