The following resources are to assist you with students who have special needs.

General Resources

School Resources for Parents
Resources collected by Pearson's Family Education Network. Information is organized by grade level, subject area, and special needs.

Instructional Strategies Online
Saskatoon Public Schools has created this site that explains five categories of instructional strategies: Direct Instruction, Indirect Instruction, Experiential Learning, Independent Study, and Interactive Instruction.

Teacher Tap: Technology and Multiple Intelligences

This site contains numerous links connecting technology and the multiple intelligences. In addition to being a wonderful resource for teachers, this site links to lessons that will motivate and educate students with behavior problems.

Learning Disabilities

Extensive resources for educators, parents, and students on dyslexia, disgraphia, discalculia, and ADHD. The site includes Instructional Strategies for Teaching Mathematics.

Misunderstood Minds
This site is a companion to the PBS special Misunderstood Minds, and profiles a variety of learning problems and expert opinions. It is designed to give parents and teachers a better understanding of learning processes, insights into difficulties, and strategies for responding.

I Am Dyslexic Kid Zone

This website contains a wealth of resources for dealing with dyslexia. I am most impressed with the author, a teenager who has successfully dealt with severe dyslexia. The math quizzes and games are engaging and content-rich. They could be used for reward time or remediation.

Behavior Problems

Dealing with Difficult Students
Chapter 15: Changing the Negative Identity Pattern and Succeeding with the More Challenging Student Behavior

From Transformative Classroom Management. By John Shindler.
Mahjong Math
Match equivalent addition or subtraction facts like 10-2 and 3+5. If a child’s behavior has been an issue for several years, she may need help with basic skills. This site is a good review of basic addition and subtraction facts. There are three levels of difficulty, and the game can be played with or without a timer.

Classroom Behavior Management Strategies
The Do2Learn site has many resources for working with special needs students, but I especially liked the resource page for managing classroom behavior. It contains many strategies that were new to me, and some forms that I think would be helpful to students.

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