The Geometer's Sketchpad software is published by Key Curriculum Press. Decatur High School and Cedar Ridge Middle School own version 4 of the software. Version 5 is now available to purchase, and a trial version can be downloaded from the Key Curriculum Press website.

I am in the process of correlating GSP resources to ACOS 2010 and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Please email me regarding activities you have found that correlate to specific objectives and/or objectives that you would like to teach using GSP. My email address is:

Sketchpad Resource Center
  • Classroom Activities has sample activities from the resource books they sell.
  • Links to other sites that have Sketchpad lessons to download
  • Sketch Exchange - an online community for math educators to share lessons and ideas for using GSP
  • Free Webinars on using GSP
  • CMP activities

Other good GSP sites

Henrico County Public Schools
Investigating Geometry On-Line

The Math Forum
Resources for GSP

Math Bits
Working with Geometer's Sketchpad - pre-made materials, from-scratch materials, and tid-bits of information

Ready to use Transformations activities

Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus problems.

Sketchpad Sketches
Downloads for Middle School, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, Misc.

Nate Burchell's Dynamic Geometry Site
GSP and GeoGebra Sketches

Geometry Construction
Instructions for basic geometric constructions using GSP

Geometer's Sketchpad Training from Atomic Learning
Subscription video site with some free videos available.

Whistler Alley Mathematics
Sketches, Links, Lessons, and much more!

Resources, Sketches, Presentations and much more!

Leading Math Success
Ontario Ministry for Education's website with LOTS of math resources. About halfway down the page is a section called "Technologies as Learning Tools" which has sketches for each grade 6-12.

PRISM-NEO (Programming Remediation and Intervention for Students of Mathematics)
Sketch files organized by math concept and by grade.

Center for Technology and Teacher Education

The First Week of Calculus
Sketchpad activities for introducing Calculus topics