These are items I have completed

  1. Facilitated IB Vertical Math Meeting 1-3-06
  2. Offer to help your adopted school team prepare for the upcoming Learning Fair or with an implementation idea they have for using Web 2.0 tools in their everyday practice. (Discovery-Dec. 20, Falkville-Jan. 8)
  3. Announced Jan. Blog Club meeting via Tapped In and listserv (1/5/06)
  4. Called Sue Wood to set up time to visit Falkville High School (1/4/07)
  5. Post podcast to wiki (1/5/07)
  6. Co-Hosted January blog club skypecast (1/6/07)
  7. Presentation to Decatur City Schools Board of Education about Alatoba and wikis (4/19/07)

K12 Online Presentations Attended

  1. Wikis by Vickie Davis
  2. 21st Century Schools by Chris Lehman
  3. Flickr tools by Alan Levine (finish watching)
  4. iPod, iSpeak, iLearn, by Silvia Tolisano
  5. The Urgency of Web 2.0, No Teacher Left Behind, by Graham Wegner