Stephen Fund -Spanish
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Celisa Edwards
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Shannon Genovese
Ryan Hess - password: rhess
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Victoria Sinco
Janell Robischon
Erin Bryan
Allison Bakken
Humberto Rubio
Angela Cottrell
Jeanne Simpson
Robert Reding
Charles Turner
Anthony Williams
Chad Cauler
username: walden100
password: test
Under the My Classes, select (Q1P1) Introduction to Computer Literacy. This is the page for this individual period. Q1 stands for quarter one, and P1 stands for period 1.
Melissa Stewart
Bradley Wynn
Giselle Barrow
Jennifer Deel
From this you go under connect in the middle of the page and click "Parents/Students: Log in" under the class homepage builder.
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password: deel
Neil Bahbah
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